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The Sandcastle Alliance is a national network of highly qualified, independent, mechanical service companies. This network provides commercial property owners and managers with the ability to receive service to facilities located across Canada while taking advantage of the benefits of dealing with entrepreneurial service providers.

The benefits in many cases are significant and worth noting. They surround responsiveness, accessibility, flexibility, general service and often pricing. Anyone who has been lost in “megacorp’s” voicemail system while their air-conditioning is malfunctioning in 30 degrees humidity can attest to the value of independent entrepreneurialism.

Springbank is a founding member of The Sandcastle Alliance. The Sandcastle Alliance contact points are as follows:

SANDCASTLE Energy Systems Alliance Corporation
3615 Laird Road, Unit 1
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5L 5Z8

Tel: 905.607.2489
Fax: 905.607.0419
Toll Free: 877.453.0553


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